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The signature speaker program that will change the level that you play


TEDx Producer, Media Personality, and World-Renowned Speaker Mentor Tricia Brouk

Curates her signature speaker program for executives, business owners, and leaders that will:

  • Shape your authentic story into a cohesive brand narrative that you will communicate wherever you go
  • Transform that story into a leadership message, keynote speech, and communication agenda to differentiate yourself as a leader and positive disruptor
  • Show you how to take your core message and integrate it in every interaction and across any platform
  • Define yourself to the world as THE leader of your industry


You’re brilliant. Talented. Passionate.
You’re already successful, and now you desire more.

You are ready to own being a great speaker!

And yet, sometimes you question how it’s going to happen.

You are a speaker in your mind and heart. You are an influential voice.

You have an abundance of valuable ideas. 

You have a deep, white-hot desire to effect lasting transformation in your audience.

Tricia Brouk Dressed in a Beautiful Polka Dot Dress
Tricia Brouk With a White Background

And how many times have you stopped short of delivering your biggest idea because you doubted whether you could effectively convey it as passionately as you feel it?

How many times have you sat in front of your computer, wishing you had a framework to support the writing process?

An overwhelming majority of my speakers experience massive fear before we work together, whether they’re prepping for the TEDx stage, The Speaker Salon, or other important stages they routinely take.

This is exactly why I created The Big Talk Academy. My signature speaker program...

for you.

Imagine what it's going
to be like when...

International award winning director and former Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare, Tricia Brouk,

These are the results the Big Talk Academy Graduates
have gotten.

You are here today because...

You are ready for more. More impact, more money, more clients, more stages. You are already experienced as a speaker and/or leader in your field, and desire to elevate, amplify and accelerate your impact.

You’ve been working at the surface level, and know there’s something deeper you want to express. You just don’t yet know how to get to it.

You’re a good speaker. In your heart, however, you know that you are operating at a fraction of the level you can. 

At your core, you come from a deep place of service, and are passionate about your message. But you haven’t quite hit the mark yet with your talk. So you feel out of alignment, even out of integrity. Or, you don’t know where to start.

Your pitches aren’t landing. You’re tired of hearing No, or worse—nothing.

You feel like you’re in it alone, or that you don’t quite belong, In my circle, devoted to inclusion as a result of that, you may take the stage by yourself, but you are never alone. We consciously cultivate a community where everyone belongs.

The obstacles can seem insurmountable when you don’t have a soft place to land among people who support and don’t compete with you; a mentor and peers who intimately understand the pitfalls and opportunities of the speaking world; or guidance from an expert who knows the exact steps to develop and deliver your Big Talk and get you on the big stages of your dreams. (Three guesses on where you can find all of the above.)

You’re starting to lose hope. Wait, let me rephrase that, because you are a positive-thinking, cup-half-full type of person (all my people are): You feel discouraged, and you can’t see the right next step to fulfill your dream of global impact. You either don’t know where to begin or are overwhelmed by information and competing options.


You are no ordinary speaker. You are a…

changemaker, way-shower, disruptor, thought leader.

Catalyst, advocate, mentor, teacher. Expert, author, coach, and healer.

You are a Change Agent at the leading edge of transformation.

You speak because you have to. Deeply called, you are here with a BIG purpose to…

  • transform the lives of others.
  • right a wrong.
  • heal the planet.
  • move us forward as a collective.
  • reach thousands, even millions of people.
  • leave a legacy, making the world a better place for generations to come.
  • ignite and inspire real change on a global scale.

And you take this responsibility seriously. As do I. This is urgent, it’s important. And your voice matters.

Consider me a loving messenger from your future self: 

It is time to move from being a
good speaker to being a GREAT speaker. 

(Hey, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want me to tell you the truth. And that is one of the things I am… a truth-teller.

It’s how I help my speakers uncover and deliver their most compelling Big Talk. More on that in a minute.)

You know that your message has the potential to have global impact.

Are you ready to deliver it, on the world’s biggest stages?

If you got the call tomorrow, to speak in front of the biggest audience of your career, or for the most influential people to your cause, or to a room packed with the very people you are passionate to serve… Would you be ready?

If the answer is No, not yet…

Then Big Talk Academy, my signature speaker program is for you.

And your time is NOW!

Meet Your Curator

Tricia Brouk helps high-performing professionals transform into industry thought leaders through the power of authentic storytelling. Her methodology centers around transforming her client’s authentic stories into an industry-leading voice and commanding media presence to gain wider recognition to become the go-to experts in their fields. With her experience as a seasoned and award-winning director, producer, and mentor to countless speakers, Tricia has put more than 50 speakers onto TEDx stages in less than four years. She has spoken at Forbes, Pride Global, The New York Public Library, Barnes and Noble, Ellevate, The Jumbo African Support Hub and The National Organization for Rare Disorders. 

Tricia founded The Big Talk Academy where she certifies speakers in the art of public speaking.

She was the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare and is the producer and host of The Big Talk, an award-win She was the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare and is the producer and host of The Big Talk, an award-winning podcast and YouTube Channel.  

She curates and hosts the Speaker Salon in NYC and is being featured in a new documentary called Big Stages. Tricia’s book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy, was a #1 New Release on Amazon in December 2020.

Tricia was awarded Top Director of 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals and Top Ten Speaker Coaches in Yahoo Finance in 2021 and the Empowered Women Award in 2021 by the IOATP and was recently featured on the cover of Brainz Magazine. Her documentaries have received critical acclaim—winning numerous awards including Best Documentary Short at The Olympus Film Festival and Los Angeles Movie Awards. 

Banner With Media Outlet Where Tricia Brouk Future In

You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.

During this process, you will find your voice, so you can share your very important message and help make the world a better place:

Your voice needs to be heard.

You will have a platform to share your powerful messages. 
You are meant to have a global impact. 

You will have a safe container of non-judgment and compassion, powered by deep listening skills to draw out your best performance.

You can trust me—with your story, your trauma, your weakness, your person. We go deep and then come up healed so your message can be shared. 

Inside BTA you can be fearless. You have the freedom to get dirty and be vulnerable and even awkward first—we put you at ease.

You will experience my gift for pulling out the detail on which the whole talk hinges, a knack for seeing the miraculous in the simple, or the magic and majesty in the mundane.

You will live into our values of diversity and inclusion, moving through the world to be accepting of all human beings.

You will get first hand access to my performance expertise with 30 years’ international award-winning experience in theater and entertainment. You get to come to the table and have direct access to my razor-sharp business acumen, grit, courage, an artist’s soul, and a generous heart.

You have one job, and one job only: to be a beacon to the beacons, who support, inspire, and lovingly push to shine your light on the world.

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The Big Talk Academy provides guidance, mentorship, feedback, and a playground for testing your work—and a unique, proven approach that builds your talk one step at a time.

In this 12-week virtual intensive and certification program, you’ll learn the skills you need to identify a big idea, craft a fully written talk, and perform your Big Talk so you can get it in front of the people who are making the decisions.

Laser-focused guidance on uncovering the right, most impactful idea for your next Big Talk. Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth talk, you’ll receive the tools, techniques and resources you need to hone in on the most effective elements of your story and message.

Step-by-step guidance in writing and delivering a powerful talk that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience and inspires action—so you walk on stage with total command of the material.. No more second-guessing, creating in a vacuum, or asking your friends for feedback… (again).

The opportunity to “open mic night” your talk, speak in front of an audience, vetting topics and approaches with an expert’s feedback and input from a circle of speakers with your same commitment to mission, values and purpose. No more practicing alone in front of your dog (or cats), wondering how the real audience will respond.

The real deal on how to masterfully pitch your talk (and future talks) to organizers, decision makers, and producers. Learn the difference between a Keynote versus a TEDx talk—and how to write both. Because you can and will.

Mastery over fear and self-doubt, and the confidence that captivates your audience by mastering your mindset,  the art of performance, and rehearsal techniques (including memorization!)—so you always feel confident when  taking the stage.

Your unforgettable, signature big talk is ready to deliver when you are asked to speak the day after you’re certified. That’s how prepared you’ll be.

How do we do it?

The Big Talk Academy Logo

Twelve Value-Packed Modules 

The entire Certification Program can be completed virtually in the comfort of your own space. We’ll cover step-by-step each topic you need to master to create your Big Talk, including mastering your mindset, nailing the writing process from unforgettable opening to show-stopping close, crafting the perfect pitch, and performing on your dream stages.

An Online Community of Speakers with
Diverse Viewpoints 

You’ll get immediate access to our online community, filled with world-class speakers who are excited to support you in sharing your message. Our private community is also where you get daily support from me as you progress through our certification curriculum.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Tricia 

Twice each month, we’ll gather via Zoom video conference, where you can ask me anything: about your talk, opening, or content, as well as my opinion on conferences and TEDx events. Get guidance for your upcoming pitches, performance notes, and expert instruction on organizing your ideas for maximum impact. 

Tricia Brouk and participants from the BTA displayed on the mac book pro screen
Participants From The Virtual Showcase Having & Toast

Personalized Feedback 

We keep The Big Talk Academy small so that you get the experience of working with me personally throughout our 12 weeks together. I have worked with speakers who have spoken at Google, Pinterest, The United Nations, Congress, the FDA, the Fearless Women’s summit and countless TEDx stages. My speakers have gone on to be represented by the same bureaus who represent Mel Robbins, Suzie Orman and Bob Woodward. I’ve even worked with a speaker who testified at President Trump’s impeachment hearings. You’re going to be getting guidance curated with YOUR talk in mind, as I draw on my experience and my network to support you in getting your message heard. 

Virtual Showcase

Once we’ve massaged your idea into a full presentation, you’ll get exclusive access to apply to a curated virtual showcase. This is your chance to perform your Big Talk for me and influencers and also get live direction and feedback for your polished performance. 


Your successful completion of The Big Talk Academy means that you’ll be officially Certified as a Big Talk Graduate. You’ll be listed on a special website where top meeting planners visit to seek out the best talent for their stages. You also get a The Big Talk Academy Speaker badge that you can add to your email signature and website, letting potential meeting planners know that you’re the real deal and their audience will be safe in your hands. 

In short, you’re getting top-level mentorship so you can finally craft and perform your world-changing talk on the stages of your choice. 

BTA Banner Logo

12 week of lessons – (valued at $15,000)

Bi-weekly mentoring calls – (valued at $7,500)

Virtual showcase – (valued at $2,000)

Private Facebook Group – (valued at $1,500)

Become Certified – (valued at $1,000)

Total Value = $27,000

But your investment today is only $4,997

Or 3 installments of $1,997

These are the results you get from The Big Talk Academy: 

Tamika Felder

Big Talk Academy Graduate

Television Producer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Mentor, Cancer Survivor, and Motivational Speaker

“The diversity is amazing… the whole amplifying of voices, not just by what someone looks like, but the stories we all have are so diverse.”

Easy Installment Plans available

Great Speakers Aren’t Born.
They’re Made.

A great speaker is prepared. Practiced. Polished.

I would add: Real. Authentic. They trust themselves on stage and present their message with unshakable courage and confidence.

In our age of viral videos and the relative ease with which we can put content out into the world, the only way to truly cut through the noise and make a meaningful impact is to: 

  • Hone your big talk and its delivery for the utmost clarity, quality, and effect.
  • Cultivate your ability to captivate your audience with ease (you won’t find tricks or manipulative tactics here).
  • Speak your truth from a place of authenticity, integrity, and heart—this, in fact, is exactly what makes your talk so compelling and your presence so magnetic.
  • And craft confident, clear pitches that get you booked, again and again.

This is exactly what The Big Talk Academy offers.

This is no ordinary speaker training, The Big Talk Academy is a transformational intensive toward showing up in your higher purpose as a communicator. 

It is never too late—or too soon—in your speaking career to begin your journey to your Big Talk.

Expand your reach. Accelerate your growth.
Elevate your delivery as a speaker to world-class levels.
And join The Big Talk Academy today.

Amelia Felbinger

Big Talk Academy Graduate

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Actor, Coach, and Founder of The Be Happy Business

“The thorough, but simple process that Tricia guided us through — from finding our idea all the way through to writing and performing a really air-tight speech — ended leading me not only to discover a previously vague idea that had been waiting to be articulated but delivered me to the finish line with a powerful speech on this topic and also, a concrete and huge vision of the entire next phase of my career.”

Easy Installment Plans available

Alexandra Greenberg
“The Big Talk Academy has been so amazing! When I asked for help, it came! The Academy is my village, complete with support, security, and new friends!"
Alexandra Greenberg
Speaker, Holistic Coach and Hair Stylist

The Big Talk Approach

The foundation is built from the inside out. Your talk will become the foundation to make you free on any and all stages.

If you walk onto a stage and you’re not clear on who you are, there’s a disconnect. The audience won’t trust you, even if they can’t say why. 

It is only when we take the time to self-actualize, to dive deep and connect with our purpose, that’s when real change happens. It often means touching the raw beating heart of what we experienced.

This is our approach at The Big Talk. Your Big Talk is built from the inside out. No shortcuts. This gives you with a talk that leaves lasting legacy.

This deep, transformational space is not for the faint of heart.

Who Is a Good Fit?

If you resonate with all we’ve said so far… You are.

The Big Talk Academy Graduates have included: students, CEO’s, Mothers, survivors, Broadway actors, immigrants, teachers, entrepreneurs, authors, TEDx speakers and doctors.

"[In Tricia's community], we each understood and had the opportunity to offer heartfelt support and encouragement , as well as receive it... It felt safe. I knew everyone was cheering me on and sending good vibes, just as I was to them. The caliber of people were priceless, the talks were impactful, and the connections made will blossom into future collaborations!"
Jazz Biancci
Consciousness Architect, Speaker Who Dares and Writer
Cheryl Bonini Ellis
“Wow. I love the way Tricia breaks the process into baby steps that can be accomplished in about 10 minutes per day.”
Cheryl Bonini Ellis
Speaker, Executive and Leadership Coach


We start with mindset at The Big Talk Academy because being a powerful speaker is more than just saying words. We teach you how to have a lasting legacy. 

  • You are going to learn how to increase your confidence.
  •  I’m going to teach you how to coexist with fear.
  • I’m going to guide you away from any limiting beliefs.

Week 1

Week 2


Inside this lesson, I’m going to take you on a journey of exploration.

  • You will generate 100 ideas. (One will be used for your talk, and the others will be repurposed for blogs, Facebook lives and maybe even your book)
  • This  creative exercise will push you past what you think you know
  • You will move into a space of mind-blowing and fresh ideas, that you never even know you had. 

Quantifying Ideas

How do you know what ideas are great? How do you know what ideas are fresh and unique? How do you know which idea is the most impactful and why?

  • Learn what questions to ask, so that you land on the ONE BIG idea that will have global impact and why.
  • Get clarity on your idea and its purpose so you have the kind of impact you desire.
  • Determine the freshness of the idea from your point of view. Because there is only one you. 

Week 3

Week 4


Sitting down to your computer or notebook can feel daunting. Guest what? We all start in the same place. We all start with a blank page. 


I’m going to give you the tools to…

  • Become consistent with your writing process.
  • Two proven methods that will assist you in generating fresh content every day for one week.
  • You are going to be accountable.
  • Your writing muscle will be flexed and become strong, so you can flex in again and again. Support during your process and the accountability to follow through.

Keynote versus TEDx

If you are not clear on which talk you desire to write, I’m going to help you determine which one is right for you and your business.

  • Become familiar with the different styles of talks
  • Create the product you desire 
  • Understand the impact of both.

Week 5

Weeks 6 - 10

Performance Skills

Broadway actors do 8 shows a week. They have to show up for each one as if it’s their first.I mean the audience is seeing the show for the first time, not the 8th, right? This means you need to have skills, a technique to be able to always be captivating on stage. 

I’m going to teach you…

  • The Technique of Objective and Action. Determine what you want and relentlessly go after it, so that you can stop hoping you are good and guarantee you are always great.
  • You are also going to learn how to memorize so that you have freedom on stages to play. 
  • You are going to learn how to seize their attention from the second you begin speaking.
  • You will have a clear understanding of how to wrap up for that standing ovation

The Art of Pitching and making money speaking

Once you have your perfect, polished product, you are going to need to be able to pitch it to decision-makers. They are looking for a certain language and I’m going to teach it to you.  


  • Apply to events with confidence and clarity.
  • Get an opportunity to go through my application process for feedback.
  • Receive the scripts you need to save time in pitching, so you can get busy speaking.
  • Learn how to negotiate your fee and become a paid speaker.

Week 11

Week 12


I produced a live virtual event as the culmination of The Big Talk Academy. You will have the opportunity to perform at the Virtual Showcase and shine. 

  • Practice everything you’ll learn in real-time at the end!
  • Receive live feedback from Tricia on your script and performance.
  • Be seen by influencers, TEDx organizers and decision-makers in real-time who can book you on their stages. 
  • Be featured on The Big Talk YouTube Channel

What the Big Talk Academy,my signature speaker program, looks like

  • The distillation of my years of proven coaching and award-winning experience in twelve weekly lessons delivered online and to your inbox, guiding you through the process.
  • Answers to your burning questions, when you need them with live, direct access to me throughout the intensive, in twice-monthly Q&A sessions (6 in total).
  • A potential featured spot in a virtual curated showcase, the culmination of our work together. This opportunity to perform the talk you developed and polished in front of an audience of experts, influencers, and peers. And you will get constructive, won’t-get-it-anywhere-else feedback and direction from me, which is priceless.
  • Real-time feedback and support in our super-active, private online community group. This is a place to celebrate your wins as well as seek advice and a shoulder during challenges. The Big Talk Academy community is supportive, conscious, inclusive, loving, and fun! And yes, I post in there daily, answering questions, sharing helpful advice, links to resources, and even occasional speaking opportunities.
  • The Big Talk Academy Certification upon successfully completing the Big Talk Academy program.This certification grants you immediate credibility as a speaker who is committed to being the best and to stepping into their highest purpose as a communicator.
  • Featured on The Big Talk Speaker Directory where decision makers, TEDx organizer and producers can find you and book you to take their stage.

Angelique Santanta

Big Talk Academy Graduate

Owner and Founder of Eat With Angelique, published author, motivational speaker, health coach and vegan chef

“For anyone out there who really has something to say, even if you don’t know what it is… your voice is important. Your voice needs to be heard and we are all waiting for you. And I really, really, really look forward to seeing you on that big stage.”

What’s possible for you... and more

Speakers I’ve mentored have gone on to:

  • Speak at Google, Twitter, the FDA, The United Nations, the Fearless Women’s summit, and countless TEDx stages.
  • Book coveted television appearances.
  • Get signed with the same international speaker bureaus that represent Mel Robbins and Jay Shetty.
  • Speak before Congress on Capitol Hill.
  • Be featured in multiple award winning documentaries.
  • Lobby for new curriculum in school districts and get them passed.
  • Produce and speak at their own events, with reinvigorated confidence.
  • Get featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Brainz Magazine and So Money Podcast.
  • Get featured in The Native Influence, Motivations and BOLD TV.
  • Move from powerful to unstoppable as thought leaders in their industry.
Tricia Brouk & Three Ladys Having a Discussion

“After working with Tricia Brouk over the past year and preparing for her Big Talk Academy presentations now I find a more specific way to reach that wider range for social change.”


Public Speaker, Educational Psychologist, Creative Artist, and Leadership Consultant

They have received standing ovations, 6-figure consulting contracts, and the speaking gigs of their dreams.

The Investment

Prior to this program, the only way to have access to my training and guidance was to work one-on-one with me in my live-and-in-person Speaker Salon, a minimum five-figure investment.

I wanted to offer this same level of training and preparation to a broader audience, make it accessible on a 100% virtual platform, and empower even more people to be the beacon they are here to be—for a fraction of that entry fee.

BTA Banner Logo

12 week of lessons – (valued at $15,000)

Bi-weekly mentoring calls – (valued at $7,500)

Virtual showcase – (valued at $2,000)

Private Facebook Group – (valued at $1,500)

Become Certified – (valued at $1,000)

Total Value =  $27,000

But your investment today is only $4,997

Or 3 installments of $1,997

Join The Big Talk Academy today and take your place among a global community of thought leaders.

Choose your best-fit option:

Payment Plan

$ 1,997
  • Three Monthly Payments

Pay In Full

$ 4,997
  • Save $994

1:1 VIP Day with Tricia

$ 20,000
  • Three Spots Available

Let's do this. Join The Big Talk Academy Today!

Need more info or have more questions? 

I want you to feel fully supported in joining The Big Talk Academy.

Book a call with a member of my team to answer any other questions you may have.

What Our Academy Members Have To Say...

“[Tricia Brouk] took us through this incredible process, where you have tools and clear actions so you were always moving forward.”
Susan Eckstein
Transformational Coach and Speaker
“This [community] blew away all of the others in terms of support, connection, and just how committed everyone was to each other's success."
Yasmina Hedhli
Life and Confidence Coach
“Everyone participating is really serious about something... the desire to really wanting to change the world."
Michelle Arpin Begina
Author, Speaker and Decision Advisor
“Honestly... it didn't take up a lot of time. The fact that it took so little time to create the breakthrough that we need, as speakers, was mindblowing to me."
Keiya Rayne
Life Transformation Expert, TEDx Speaker and Healer
“Being in The Big Talk Academy has led me to various opportunities as it helps me be bold enough to use my voice, brave enough to listen to my heart, and strong enough to take action.”
Lynelle Suan
Speaker and student
“I didn’t think I could come up with a hundred ideas, but each and every one of us did. And surprisingly, out of that 100 ideas... the one that I ended up choosing to be my Big Talk was something totally different from what I thought I was going to talk about initially. That is the number one thing that blew me away.”
Shuhada Allaudin
Speaker and mindset leadership coach

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this program is a group program; however, on the group Zoom calls, when you submit your questions ahead of time, Tricia will answer those first before opening it up to the live group call.And, the way Tricia works, when she’s coaching someone else, and answering questions, you will often learn more than you would when you are being coached.

The Big Talk Academy has been created for busy people. It’s designed to take you through Tricia’s proven process, while allowing for your process.


This process literally takes 6-10 minutes a day. And each email will lay out how much time you need to spend per lesson.


You can go through the program the way Tricia has designed it or batch the week’s work on the weekend. Your call.


Overwhelm is not part of this program. 


Lessons are bite-sized daily meant to eliminate overwhelm and get to the goal, finishing your big talk and being ready to perform it.

Community is one of The Big Talk Academy’s values along with inclusion. Every voice matters in this program, whether you are a ten-time TEDx speaker or someone who’s never taken a stage. And Tricia and her team make everyone’s voices heard in the Facebook Group and on the group calls. Everyone is seen and heard in The Big Talk Academy.

Still reading?

Hesitating? Have questions? 

I get it.

I know you’re scared. That’s normal. Transformation is not for the faint of heart.

More than one Big Talk Academy alum has come back with stories of how this work changed their lives. (You can read more of their stories below.)

Many of them reached this decision point and also felt terrified.

But here’s what you need to ask yourself: 

What changes if you join the Big Talk Academy? 

What changes if you don’t? 

What do you miss out on if you join us? 

And what do you miss out on if you don’t?

Here’s what I know for sure… Every success story, every radiant Big Talk Academy alum who shared the wins I listed above and more, began with a YES. Began with an investment (and belief) in themselves.

None of it can happen… until you commit and say YES.

You can do this. I believe in you. I am here for you, along with the rest of this amazing Big Talk community. We all are.

The world needs your Big Talk.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Big love, Tricia

Tricia Brouk Closeup With a Beautiful Smile
BTA Banner Logo

12 week of lessons – (valued at $15,000)

Bi-weekly mentoring calls – (valued at $7,500)

Virtual showcase – (valued at $2,000)

Private Facebook Group – (valued at $1,500)

Become Certified – (valued at $1,000)

Total Value = $27,000

But your investment today is only $4,997

Or 3 installments of $1,997

“If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it), you need to work with Tricia Brouk!”
Farnoosh Torabi
America's Leading Personal Finance Expert

Need more info or have more questions? 

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