Share your powerful story and become a speaker with global impact!

It’s why you’re on the planet, right now, right here. And it is time, my friend.

Your Voice Matters, Now More Than Ever.

Are you ready to change the world with your Big Talk?

Hey there, Speaker.

It would be no exaggeration to say, “You are here to serve humanity.”

(We have that in common.)

You’re brilliant. Talented.. Passionate. You’re already successful, and now you desire more.

You are ready to own being a movement-maker! 

And yet, sometimes you question how it’s going to happen.

You are a speaker in your mind and heart. You are an influential voice.

You have an abundance of valuable ideas. 

You have a deep, white-hot desire to effect lasting transformation in your audience.

And how many times have you stopped short of delivering your biggest idea because you doubted whether you could effectively convey it as passionately as you feel it?

How many times have you sat in front of your computer, wishing you had a framework to support the process, desiring a safe space to test material and the confirmation that ensures you walk away with an amazing talk?

You are certain you’ve been entrusted with a mission to spread this idea, and you honor the weight of this responsibility.

And if you’ve had any of those feelings as you’ve worked toward writing your Big Talk, know that you are not alone.

An overwhelming majority of my speakers experience these exact feelings before we work together, whether they’re prepping for the TEDx stage, The Speaker Salon, or other important stages they routinely take.

This is exactly why I created The Big Talk Academy. For you.

International award winning director and former Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare, Tricia Brouk,

Imagine what it’s going to be like when…

Tricia Brouk Listening To a Woman Discussion

You are here today because…

You are ready for more.

You’ve been working at the surface level, and know there’s something deeper you want to express.

Tricia Brouk Listening To a Woman Discussion

You take this responsibility seriously.

It would be no exaggeration to say, “You are here to serve humanity.” 
(No biggie.)

You’re intelligent. Gifted. Passionate. And, you’ve achieved a level of success.

From the outside, it looks like everything’s “fine.”

You may even book gigs regularly or continue to be recognized as a seasoned speaker.


Tricia Brouk
  • You are ready for more. More impact, more money, more clients, more stages. You are already experienced as a speaker and/or leader in your field, and desire to elevate, amplify and accelerate your impact.

  • You’ve been working at the surface level, and know there’s something deeper you want to express. You just don’t yet know how to get to it.

  • You’re a good speaker—in fact, you’re very good. In your heart, however, you know that you are operating at a fraction of the level you can. If you were to be totally honest, you’ve been skating by on your talent, and haven’t (yet) shown up at the level you know you must.
  • At your core, you come from a deep place of service, and are passionate about your message. But you haven’t quite hit the mark yet with your talk. Something you can’t define is missing, so you feel out of alignment, even out of integrity. Or, you don’t know where to start.

  • Your pitches aren’t landing. You’re definitely not reaching the right audiences, or enough people, for what you’re here to do. You’re tired of hearing No, or worse—nothing. Silence is deafening when you’re putting your heart on the line with every pitch. This is your mission at stake.

  • You feel like you’re in it alone, or that you don’t quite belong, truth be told. By its nature, speaking is lonely. Or you may have tried other speaker programs or communities and felt alienated when they didn’t meet you in skill or experience. (In my circle, devoted to inclusiveness and diversity as a result of that, you may take the stage by yourself, but you are never alone. We consciously cultivate a community where everyone belongs.
  • The obstacles can seem insurmountable when you don’t have a soft place to land among people who support and don’t compete with you; a mentor and peers who intimately understand the pitfalls and opportunities of the speaking world; or guidance from an expert who knows the exact steps to develop and deliver your Big Talk and get you on the big stages of your dreams. (Three guesses on where you can find all of the above.)

  • You’re starting to lose hope. Wait, let me rephrase that, because you are a positive-thinking, cup-half-full type of person (all my people are): You feel discouraged, and you can’t see the right next step to fulfill your dream of global impact. You either don’t know where to begin or are overwhelmed by information and competing options.
Tricia Brouk Listening To a Woman Discussion

Consider me a loving messenger from your future, successful self: 

It is time to seriously uplevel your game and stop playing small.

(Hey, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want me to tell you the truth. And that is one of the things I am… a truth teller.

It’s how I help my speakers uncover and deliver their most compelling Big Talk. More on that in a minute.)

“The diversity is amazing... the whole amplifying of voices, not just by what someone looks like, but the stories we all have are so diverse."
Tamika Felder
Television Producer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Mentor, Cancer Survivor, and Motivational Speaker

Imagine with me, your near future:

You see yourself on that big stage, hear the applause welling from the audience, and witness your bank balance grow from well-compensated, aligned speaking gigs… 

And, it’s not even about that. It’s about:

  • That person in seat 3B who starts to cry as you speak, recognizing themself in your story.
  • That attendee of your online presentation who is moved to join your global movement.
  • That speaking opportunity that gets you into the spaces where your talk shifts the trajectory of an industry.

It’s about reaching the people you were put on this planet to influence, inspire, and transform. 

  • Creating the impact that you’ve desired for so long. 
  • Becoming the speaker you’ve always dreamt you could be. 
  • Stepping confidently into your purpose. 
  • Sharing your message with crystal clarity. 
  • Captivating your ideal audience in an authentic, aligned way. 
  • Leaving your listeners with something meaningful, provocative, transformative, even transcendent… affecting global change.

You know that your message has the potential to impact millions.
Are you ready to deliver it, on the world’s biggest stages?

If you got the call tomorrow, to speak in front of the biggest audience of your career, or for the most influential people to your cause, or to a room packed with the very people you are passionate to serve…

Would you be ready?

If you are frozen, like a deer in headlights… (Blink, blink.)

If the answer is No, not yet

The thing is, you absolutely MUST be ready when the opportunity to share your message with the world presents itself… because you never know when you’ll get a last-minute call to host, emcee, take a big stage or step in for another speaker.

If you hesitated, doubted, or scrambled for even just a moment before answering a resounding YES… 
Then Big Talk Academy is for you. And your time is NOW.

Why Now More Than Ever…

We are at a pivotal moment in history.
Old paradigms are being challenged.
New ways of being and communicating are emerging.
Old problems need fresh perspectives and solutions.

Where do you stand?
What role will you play?
Who do you want to be a hero to?

Your story is meant to be heard.
You can change or even save someone’s life through your talk. 

Your voice is a vehicle of influence. Your story is your legacy.

So…. What are you going to do about it? Do you dare to change the world?

Great Speakers Aren’t Born. They’re Made.

A great speaker is prepared. Practiced. Polished.

I would add: Real. Authentic. They trust themselves on stage and present their message with unshakable courage and confidence.

In our age of viral videos and the relative ease with which we can put content out into the world, the only way to truly cut through the noise and make a meaningful impact is to: 

  • Hone your big talk and its delivery for the utmost clarity, quality, and effect.
  • Cultivate your ability to captivate your audience with ease (you won’t find tricks or manipulative tactics here).
  • Speak your truth from a place of authenticity, integrity, and heart—this, in fact, is exactly what makes your talk so compelling and your presence so magnetic.
  • And craft confident, clear pitches that get you booked, again and again.

This is exactly what The Big Talk Academy offers.

No ordinary speaker training, The Big Talk Academy is a transformational intensive toward showing up in your higher purpose as a communicator. 

It is never too late—or too soon—in your speaking career to begin your journey to your Big Talk.

Expand your reach. Accelerate your growth. Elevate your delivery as a speaker to world-class levels. And join The Big Talk Academy today.

Alexandra Greenberg
“The Big Talk Academy has been so amazing! When I asked for help, it came! The Academy is my village, complete with support, security, and new friends!"
Alexandra Greenberg

The Big Talk Approach

You will have your process within Tricia’s process...


"If you're looking for freedom on the outside, you'll never find it. True Freedom always comes from the inside."


author and The Big Talk podcast guest

If you walk onto a stage and you’re not clear on who you are, there’s a disconnect. The audience won’t trust you, even if they can’t say why. 

It is only when we take the time to self-actualize, to dive deep and connect with our purpose, that’s when real change happens. It often means touching the raw beating heart of what we experienced.

This is the foundation of our approach at Big Talk. Your Big Talk is built from the inside out. No shortcuts.

This deep, transformational space is not for the faint of heart.

Who Is a Good Fit?

If you resonate with all we’ve said so far… You are.

Members have included: 

  • An 18-year-old girl in the Philippines whose talk is “Everyone can be a millionaire”;
  • A doctor in her 70’s from Sweden who wants to communicate better; 
  • A Muslim entrepreneur in Malaysia, whose talk is on how the entrepreneur’s journey requires more intuition;
  • A UK speaker talking for the first time ever about what it means to be biracial, and the harmful effects of code-switching;
  • A cancer survivor, who talks about overcoming fear, and is finally starting to talk about race;
  • A woman from an orthodox community whose marriage was arranged at age 18;
  • A Ghanaian woman who lives in Milwaukee, who tells how being a grandmother to ducklings gave her the tools for dismantling racism. 
  • Broadway’s Hamiliton actor, survivor, and advocate, who’s a “Soldier of Love”;
  • An Asian American educator in Chicago who is married to a white guy, has biracial children, and is done tolerating racism that’s “not so bad”;
  • A divorced mother of three and entrepreneur in Singapore, talking about how leaders need to value the human spirit in their talent;
  • An Immigrant, TEDx speaker, and spiritual guide, who only took her first stage two years ago.
"[In Tricia’s community], we each understood and had the opportunity to offer heartfelt support and encouragement, as well as receive it... I felt safe. I knew everyone was cheering me on and sending good vibes, just as I was to them. The caliber of people were priceless, the talks were impactful, and the connections made will blossom into future collaborations!"
Jazz Biancci
Consciousness Architect, Speaker Who Dares and Writer

Why me, Tricia Brouk

As an international award-winning director and Executive Producer of events like Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare, and The Big Talk Live, I produce the highest caliber speaker. In less than three years I’ve put 50+ speakers onto 15+ TEDx stages, 14 of whom went on to the main stage. Nine of those are taking the TEDxFarmingdale stage in 2020.

I help people hone their transformational talk for greatest impact and get them on the world’s most influential stages—so their story can heal and inspire millions of people.

You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.

My purpose is to guide people to find their voice, whether it’s from the big stage or the big screen, so they can share important messages and help make the world a better place:

  • To give voice to those who are not always heard.
  • To provide a platform to those who have powerful messages. 
  • To support those who are meant to have a global impact. 

I create a safe container of non-judgment and compassion, powered by deep listening skills honed over years of drawing out actors’ best performances. 

You can trust me—with your story, your trauma, your weakness, your person. We go deep and then come up healed so your message can be shared. 

I am fearless. I’m not afraid to be criticized, get it wrong, be called out. I am willing to get dirty and be vulnerable and awkward first—so you feel at ease. I don’t see difficulty; I know how resilient we are.

I have a gift for pulling out the detail on which the whole talk hinges, a knack for seeing the miraculous in the simple, or the magic and majesty in the mundane.

I am a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion. I grew up in a small, all-white town. It wasn’t until I went to college and began to educate myself and spend time with people who aren’t like me. (I finally fit in!) I made it my cause and my way of moving through the world to be accepting of all human beings.

I am a speaking and performance expert with 30 years’ international award-winning experience in theater and entertainment. I come to the table with razor-sharp business acumen, grit, courage, an artist’s soul, and a generous heart.

I have one job, and one job only: to be a beacon to the beacons (like you), who I support, inspire, and lovingly push to shine their light on the world.

Cheryl Bonini Ellis
“Wow. I love the way Tricia breaks the process into baby steps that can be accomplished in about 10 minutes per day.”
Cheryl Bonini Ellis
The Big Talk Academy Logo

Here’s what you get when you join The Big Talk Academy:

The Big Talk Academy provides instruction, feedback, and a forum for testing your work—and a unique, failsafe approach that builds your talk from the inside out.

In this 12-week virtual intensive and certification program, I’ll teach you the skills you need to identify, write, and perform your Big Talk—and get it in front of the people who matter.

  • Laser-focused guidance on uncovering the right, most impactful  idea for your next Big Talk. Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth talk, you’ll get the tools and resources you need to hone in on the most effective elements of your story and message.

  • Step-by-step guidance in writing and delivering a powerful talk that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience and inspires action—so you walk on stage with rock-solid confidence. No more second-guessing, figuring it out on your own or throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

  • The opportunity to “stress-test” your talk, speak in front of an audience, vetting topics and approaches with an expert’s feedback and input from a circle of speakers with your same commitment to quality, heart and purpose. No more practicing alone in a vacuum, wondering how the real audience will respond.

  • The real deal on how to masterfully pitch your talk (and future talks) to organizers, editors, and producers. Learn the difference between a Keynote versus a TEDx talk—and how to write both.

  • Mastery over fear and self-doubt, and the confidence that captivates your audience by mastering the art of performance, your energy, and rehearsal techniques (including memorization!)—so you always feel prepared when it comes to taking the stage.

  • Your unforgettable, signature talk is ready to deliver if you were asked to speak the day after you’re certified. That’s how prepared you’ll be.

The 12-Weekly Modules Cover…


Confidence, Fearless, Clarity.

Idea Generation

Getting your first 100 ideas.

Quantifying Ideas

An idea needs time to be massaged, tried on for size, for the most impact.


Tools to support your process and the accountability to follow through.

Keynote versus TEDx

Understanding the product you are creating as a talk, so you can ultimately sell it.

Objective & Action

Be captivating every time you take the stage. Stop hoping you’ll be great.

Rehearsal Process

Learning how to memorize, so you always have command.

Writing a Good Opening

Get and keep their attention.


How to move us deeply into your talk.

Writing a good closing

Closing strong to always be asked back.

The Art of Pitching

Learn how to pitch yourself to event organizers and get booked.

Virtual Showcase

Massive visibility.

What the Big Talk Academy looks like

“As a speaker, I don't struggle with content creation anymore... I have more than 100 ideas. The challenge now is selecting which to go for."
Cheryl Liew
Certified High Performance Coach, Bestselling Author, and International Speaker

What’s possible for you… and more

Speakers I’ve mentored have gone on to: 

  • Speak at Google, to the FDA, at the Fearless Women’s summit, and on countless TEDx stages.
  • Book coveted television appearances.
  • Get signed with the same international speaker bureaus that represent Mel Robbins and Rachel Hollis.
  • Speak before Congress on Capitol Hill.
  • Be featured in documentaries.
  • Lobby for new curriculum in school districts and get them passed.
  • Produce and speak at their own events, with reinvigorated confidence.
  • Get featured in Forbes and So Money Podcast.
  • Get featured in The Native Influence and on Motivations TV.
  • Move from powerful to unstoppable.
“After working with Tricia Brouk over the past year and preparing for her Big Talk Academy presentations now I find a more specific way to reach that wider range for social change."
Marisa Zalabak

They have received standing ovations, 6-figure consulting contracts, and the speaking gigs of their dreams.

"This was another awesome week working together with Tricia Brouk at #thebigtalkacademy. I had a chance to further iron out my idea for my #bigtalk and some do more clarifying exercises.
It really does take digging deep to get to that great idea.
I have also applied for a TEDx!"
Beatrice Shev Weber

The investment

Prior to this program, the only way to have access to my training and guidance was to work one-on-one with me in my live-and-in-person Speaker Salon, a minimum five-figure investment.

I wanted to offer this same level of training and preparation to a broader audience, make it accessible on a 100% virtual platform, and empower even more people to be the beacon they are here to be—for a fraction of that entry fee.

The world needs your voice, your story, more than ever.

The world needs your voice, your story, more than ever.

Don’t keep your audience waiting any longer for your Big Talk.

Claim your spot on the world’s most influential stages.

And create, deliver, and pitch the Big Talk, you know will change the world.

Join The Big Talk Academy today and take your place among a global community of thought leaders.

Choose your best-fit option:

1:1 VIP Day  with Tricia (three spots available) $15,000

4 payments of $1,499


3 payments of $1,997


$4,997 pay-in-full

(save $994)

Let’s do this. Join The Big Talk Academy Today!

Need more info or have more questions? 

I want you to feel fully supported in joining The Big Talk Academy.

Book a call with a member of my team to answer any other questions you may have.

What Our Academy Members Have To Say...

“[Tricia Brouk] took us through this incredible process, where you have tools and clear actions so you were always moving forward.”
Susan Eckstein
“This [community] blew away all of the others in terms of support, connection, and just how committed everyone was to each other's success."
Yasmina Hedhli
“Everyone participating is really serious about something... the desire to really wanting to change the world."
Michelle Arpin Begina
“Honestly... it didn't take up a lot of time. The fact that it took so little time to create the breakthrough that we need, as speakers, was mindblowing to me."
Keiya Rayne

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get any 1:1 time with Tricia?

  • No, this program is a group program; however, on the group Zoom calls, when you submit your questions ahead of time, Tricia will answer those first before opening it up to the live group call.
  • And, the way Tricia works, when she’s coaching someone else, and answering questions, you will often learn more than you would when you are being coached.

How much time is this going to take from my life?

  • The Big Talk Academy has been created for busy people. It’s designed to take you through Tricia’s proven process, while allowing for your process.
  • This process literally takes 6-10 minutes a day. And each email will lay out how much time you need to spend per lesson.
  • You can go through the program the way Tricia has designed it or batch the week’s work on the weekend. Your call.
  • Overwhelm is not part of this program. 
  • Lessons are bite-sized daily meant to eliminate overwhelm and get to the goal, finishing your big talk and being ready to perform it.

Will I get lost in the sea of the speakers?

  • Community is one of The Big Talk Academy’s values along with inclusion. Every voice matters in this program, whether you are a ten-time TEDx speaker or someone who’s never taken a stage. And Tricia and her team make everyone’s voices heard in the Facebook Group and on the group calls. Everyone is seen and heard in The Big Talk Academy.

Still, reading?

Hesitating? Have questions? 

I get it.

I know you’re scared. That’s normal. Transformation is not for the faint of heart.

More than one Big Talk Academy alum has come back with stories of how this work changed their lives. (You can read more of their stories below.)

Many of them reached this decision point and also felt terrified.

But here’s what you need to ask yourself: 

What changes if you join the Big Talk Academy? 

What changes if you don’t? 

What do you miss out on if you join us? 

And what do you miss out on if you don’t?

Here’s what I know for sure… Every success story, every radiant Big Talk Academy alum who shared the wins I listed above and more, began with a YES. Began with an investment (and belief) in themselves. 

None of it can happen… until you commit and say YES.

You can do this. I believe in you. I am here for you, along with the rest of this amazing Big Talk community. We all are.

Join the Big Talk Academy here.

The world needs your Big Talk.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Big love,

P.S. Need more info, on how you can show up in The Big Talk Academy?? Book a call with a member of my team to answer any other questions you may have here.

“If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it), you need to work with Tricia Brouk!”
Farnoosh Torabi

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