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Jazz Biancci – Consciousness Architect, Speaker Who Dares and Writer

“Being able to witness myself and others relating. We each understood and had the opportunity to offer heart felt support and encouragement, as well as receive it.
You could feel the anxiety transform into excitement, as Tricia coached us through the call. And since we, as a community, we had spent this time together on calls and in the group, when the day came I felt safe. I knew everyone was cheering me on and sending good vibes, just as I was to them. The caliber of people were priceless, the talks were impactful, and the connections made will blossom into future collaborations!
I discovered that I was not only able to handle the prompts and homework but I’ve returned to it several times since. Tricia offers fresh new ways to consider material and allows creativity to organically flourish.”

Alexandra Stockwell, Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Speaker and Author

“The Big Talk Academy provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with Tricia Brouk’s well honed methods, and to work with her directly, in creating a Big Talk. It offers small bite sized assignments which are meaningful and gratifying to do, and then seemingly suddenly, one has a whole new perspective and skillset in creating a talk.
The Virtual Showcase was superb. Even though it was online and I didn’t personally know anyone there, it felt completely safe and very encouraging to give my talk. Afterwards I felt full of energy and even more enthusiasm for my message—which was a direct result of sharing my message and having it received by attentive listeners.”